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Bonus Entry

Results for competitions in 2019 Exhibition

Most successful exhibitors:

Below is the total score from each entrants’ entries that gained acceptance or higher. Congratulations to Dianne English who has won the APS Silver plaque for the most successful exhibitor

Dianne English 311
Ian English 298
Mieke Boynton 295
Heather Prince 280
Kerry Boytell 274
Jane Clancy 270
Peter Ryan 254
Lou Marafioti 250
Vicky Zhou 245
Arthur Roy 245


2019 Exhibition catalog

Medal Winners

Burnt Toast
Ian English – APS Gold Medal
Egret and Small Fish
Arthur Roy – APS Gold Medal
Long Lunch 9613
Neville Foster – APS Gold Medal
Karlu Karlu
Jill Hancock – APS Gold Medal
Our Country
The Cuban
Lou Marafioti – APS Silver Medal
Peter O’Brien – APS Silver Medal
Feeding time
Jennie Stock – APS Silver Medal
Early morning mob
Barry Feldman – APS Silver Medal
Our Country
An Elder
Lou Marafioti – APS Bronze medal
To Catch a Crow
Kerry Boytell – APS Bronze medal
Kakadu Burning
Colleen Price – APS Bronze medal
Trio of Cydesales
Greg Mcmillan – APS Bronze medal
Our Country

by MyPhotoClub Colin, 13 December, 2019